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Thread: Kingston ValueRAM with ASUS P5Q3

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    Kingston ValueRAM with ASUS P5Q3

    I recently purchased new Kingston ValueRAM 4gb for my Asus P5Q3 motherboard because the old ram started giving me errors at test. But when I try to start the pc with this RAM, the computer wont boot at all. After pressing the power button the computer starts but it will immediately stop without giving any beeping sound or so. Does this mean that this RAM is not compatible with the motherboard or what? Thank you

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    Re: Kingston ValueRAM with ASUS P5Q3

    Can you try to reset the CMOS on your motherboard and then try to use single stick of the RAM. Also see that you have the latest BIOS version installed for your motherboard. You can also try to raise the DRAM voltage and see if that works. If nothing works, then try to test the RAM in different computer and see whether it works or not.

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    Re: Kingston ValueRAM with ASUS P5Q3

    It looks to me that the Kingston ValueRAM might not be comaptible with the ASUS P5Q3 motherboard. The chipset of this motherboard is limited to only 8gb ram maximum. It might be possible to update to the latest BIOS version but it cannot be guaranteed whether this RAM will work in this motherboard or not. You can try to call up Kingston's customer care and see what they have to offer.

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    Re: Kingston ValueRAM with ASUS P5Q3

    As said, first of all try to clear the CMOS first by removing the battery for 10 minutes and then put the jumper to 2 and 3. After that get into the Ai Tweaker manually and then change the Dram Frequency DDR3 to either 1066 or 1333. Also change the Dram timing control 9-9-9-24 to 9-9-9-20 or 9-9-9-18 and change the Dram voltage to 1.5v and then save and exit the system. Now try to boot the pc reply back with the results.

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