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Thread: using Kingston SSD on old Desktop

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    using Kingston SSD on old Desktop

    I have recently purchased a new Kingston 80gb SSD and am looking to fit in in my old Compaq Presario desktop which is running on Windows XP. So, after connecting the SSD, the computer is not able to detect it? I have just inserted the SSD in its USB enclosure and connected it to a new laptop and it is showing up in My Computer. So, is my only choice left is to replace this SDD and buy a new hard drive instead? Thanks

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    Re: using Kingston SSD on old Desktop

    I think that Kingston SSD will not work from the Sata Adapter and you will need to get something like the PCI Sata1 controller card. So after upgrading to that you will be able to use the Kingston SSD that runs on the Sata3 interface. Or else try to get the Sata2 card adn then a PCI-e to PCI adapter to get the SSD working for you.

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    Re: using Kingston SSD on old Desktop

    I think that you will require Sata2 controller card for the SSD to work in your old desktop. If you are using an adapter for an adapter that it will probably wont work for same. Also, you should know that Windows XP will not support TRIM which is a feature to clean up used sectors of the drive after the data is deleted from your pc and it usually keeps the SSD clean so that it runs properly.

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    Re: using Kingston SSD on old Desktop

    I dont think that it will be beneficial if you are upgrading your old computer with a Kingston SSD. You will not be able to gain any performance out of it since the processor that you might be using will be too slow to request any data. So, the best possible chances for you is to only upgrade to Sata2 ports and a good 3ghz processor or such.

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