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Thread: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

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    Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and it is completely updated with the latest Windows Update. I am running Norton on it which is also updated to the latest live updates. I have newly bought 2gb pair of Kingston HyperX 1600mhz memory and after installing it Windows 7 is regularly crashing with BSOD and error BAD_POOL_HEADER 0x19. I have tried to run the memtest and it gave me not a single error. What other problems there could be with my computer? Please help.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    It is very difficult to find out what problems might be causing the BSOD. I would stil advise you to first update any drivers to the latest version for the devices that you have put together in your machine. After that disable teh non-essential hardware that are not in use. Also, try to use a different antivirus in your pc and do a scan to see if there is any virus problem.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    It will be also fine if you can use a bootable antivirus CD and make sure that any kind of virus is not causing this problem. You can also try to check the hard drive status byt running a chkdsk in the command prompt since it seems to me that the system driver might be affected by the memory corruption or something similar.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    What motherboard make and model do you have? Can you try to go to Bios and then check if the memory are running at 1333mhz by default, you will then need to do a manual setting to change its mhz in the bios. Or else you can try to reset the Bios to factory settings by adjusting the jumper on the motherboad to clear settings. After the bios gets reset completely, the system might recheck the memory timings and automatically adjust the same.

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