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Thread: Kingston HyperX 1600 overclocking

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    Kingston HyperX 1600 overclocking

    I am having 2x4gb set of Kingston HyperX 1600mhz RAM installed on my Gigabyte motherboard. This is the first time I am looking to overclock this RAM on my system. Can anyone tell me how should I begin the overclocking with this particular Kingston HyperX RAM? What all highest stable settings can I reach with this RAM? Will there be any improvement at all overclocking this memory module? Thanks.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 1600 overclocking

    I dont think that overclockig the RAM will give you much performance or so. Also, note that different sticks of memory cannot be run at different speeds. Anyway if you want to overclock then you can use lower timing that are better. In real terms of usage memory doesnt help at all but memory speed can be important in achieving high scores in benchmarks.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 1600 overclocking

    I was able to overclock my Kingston HyperX 1600mhz memory to 1866mhz on a very old computer that I own. To achieve this increase I was changing the different settings around with different things. At the BCLK, I had lower the multiplier and then raised the BCLK. After that I raised the voltage to 1.65v as per its standard and it worked for me.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 1600 overclocking

    It has been observed before that going above the 1600mhz will not provide any kind of advantage which will be hardly noticed. When I overclocked the RAM from 1600mhz to 1866mhz then I only noticed a small amout of advantage to software loading times. But after a while the Operating system that I was using got corrupted. Also, you should do a memtest to get some information about the RAM stability.

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