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Thread: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

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    kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    I am using a Kingston 16gb pen drive for more than 2 months now. It was working well, but yesterday when I plugged it in my computer then it is recognized by my computer but it is showing me a total space of 0 and free space also 0? I havent made any changes to my computer and also havent done anything with the pen drive? Why is it showing me like this, can anyone please help? Thanks

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    Re: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    First of all, connect your usb pen drive to your computer. After that you will need to right click on my computer and then click on Manage. Now you need to choose disk management and check whether your pen drive is showing zero bytes as Unallocated. If it is showing something like that then right click on the drive and then create a new partition with maximum size. Now check your pen drive if it is showing the proper size.

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    Re: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    You might need to format the pen drive again to get back all its proper size. To do that download a tool called HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool by searching it on google. After installing it, just specify your Kingston device that you want to format in the tool. After that select the file system and rename this device. Now click on quick format and it will format the pen drive giving back its original size.

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    Re: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    Have you tried to check the same Kingston Pen drive that you have by connecting it to some other pc and if you are facing the same problem or not. Also, did you make sure whether the pen drive is not encrypted with some software. If it is then it might suffer from crash and corruption. To solve this, you will have to use some repair tools that is readily available on the net for use.

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