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Thread: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

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    overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    I am using 4GB of Kingston ValueRam at 1333MHz and stock at 1.5v. I was wondering how to overclock this RAM without getting it damaged? Is there any kind of coolers to cool down the RAM from overheating when I overclock it? What all settings do I need to tweak to get more out of this RAM on my system? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    Most of the RAM work differently on every other computer build. You will need to set the RAM voltage in your BIOS to the suggested one which might be 1.5V only and then set its timing to 9-9-9-something and it will be fine. There might be a setting to change the "2T" to 1T which will be your stock settings for your RAM. You can expect everything working great on these settings.

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    Re: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    You will be able to test out different settings in the BIOS and see at what RAM setting your system works stable. These Kingston ValueRam can be easily overclockable but it is not better than the HyperX series. Also, I havent heard any RAM's getting hotter when overclocked, the only problem lies with the more voltage setting that you put into it. You can try to overclock it till 1600MHz by raising up the voltage to 1.65v and see if it is stable or not.

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    Re: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    The overclocking will depend on a good CPU as well, which processor do you have? For overclocking the memory you need to set every settings manually which includes the Timings, Voltage, Divider, etc. Try to set the divider to 667 and then set the timings. Or you can start from the beginning with the right standard FSB that might be 200 and check what you get.

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