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Thread: Kingston DDR3-2400 RAM runs slower

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    Kingston DDR3-2400 RAM runs slower

    I am using a 4gb RAM module of Kingston that should run at DDR3-2400 but when I checked its speed, then it is set to run at a default DDR3-1333 in the BIOS. I am using a Asus motherboard and then RAM is a Kingston DDR3-2400 module. I tried to change the setting from one to another in the BIOS setting but my system started to freeze? Can anyone tell me how do I run the RAM in its full speed? Thanks.

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    Re: Kingston DDR3-2400 RAM runs slower

    Well, can you try to change the XMP profile to 2400mhz and see if that works for you? Also, what is the motherboard model that you are using? It could be possible that the Asus board that you are using is able to run Memory at only a 1333mhz speed and above that it will not run any kind of RAM. Check your motherboard manual to find out what type of RAM are compatible with the board.

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    Re: Kingston DDR3-2400 RAM runs slower

    If you want to run the RAM at a higher speed that your CPU's defaul Ram speed then you will have to go into the BIOS settings and manually set the RAM frequency, latency and voltage as well, incase it is required more than the default 1.5V DDr3. If you are having an Intel processor then you can choose the default XMP profile for your motherboard bios which is offered.

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    Re: Kingston DDR3-2400 RAM runs slower

    I would say that you could try to update the firmware of your Motherboard BIOS and then check if the board is able to run the memory at the default 2400mhz speed. There are some RAM that needs to be loosen in the bios for timings to run it at the maxmium speed. You can also try to test with 1 ram stick at a time on different slot. It could not a motheboard problem but a problem with one of the dimms.

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