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Thread: installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD asks for driver

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    installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD asks for driver

    I am using a HP laptop and am trying to install Windows 7 on a new Kingston SSd that I bought recently but I am having some problem. When installing Windows then the installation of Windows will start without any problems but afterwards, all of a sudden, it will ask for a driver. When reading from different websites I found out that I need to get the Nvidia chipset driver on a flash drive but that isnt working for me? So, does anyone have any other solution for this issue? Thanks

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    Re: installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD asks for driver

    Well, did you try to enable the AHCI into your BIOS setting? You will need to install the OS in IDE mode, just change it in your BIOS option. Can you tell us what motherboard are you using? Also, you can try to disconnect all the other drives by keeping only the SSD connected and then try to install Windows 7 again.

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    Re: installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD asks for driver

    If it is asking for drivers, then you will need to have a driver and I believe that it is asking for the chipset driver. Can you go into your BIOS screen and then disable AHCI support. There should also be some options for compatibility mode or performance mode settings that you need to change for your storage devices. After doing one of the 2 settings, it will get rid of the driver requirement for installation of the OS.

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    Re: installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD asks for driver

    Well, you will need to get into to the BIOS and change the OS way for seeing the hard drive. You will need to either select AHCI to IDE or Raid mode in BIOS. The main problem that you are facing could be because it is using AHCI option and you would require it to run on compatibility mode. Or else go to the HP website and download the usb driver for your laptop model and put it on the SSD and then try to install Windows 7 on it.

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