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Thread: best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

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    best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

    I have a pretty old machine and so wanted to upgrade to a new computer. I am going to use this machine for video editing, medicore gaming, internet, etc. So, I have made my choice for all components except for the SSDs that give good performance compared to hard drives, from what I have heard. I recently came upon 2 SSDs that are quite recommended by many people, namely the Kingston V300 SSD and the Samsung 840 Pro and most probably 250GB. There doesnt seem to be much difference, but only Samsung 840 Pro being costly. So does anyone know whether I should go for Kingston or the other one? Thanks.
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    Re: best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

    Well, there is no doubt that Samsung 840 Pro 250gb is costly but it is also one of the most reliable and good performing SSD available in the market. Also, if you will have a Kingston 120gb SSD then it will be used up pretty easily but if you will get the 250gb SSD then you have multiple boots with different software and you will be also amazed by the speed that it delivers. Also, since you said that you will do video editing on your pc, so you are going to require greater space.

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    Re: best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

    The Kingston V300 SSDNow compared to its previous model V200 has very specific improvements and it also affect performance significantly higher. There is a SandForce SF-2281 controller and SATA 6 Gbps interfaces, all in the typical format of 2.5 inches. The speeds have increased compared to the previous model, and according to the manufacturer, it reaches 450 MB/s in both read and write speed. Kingston V300 distributes its products in two parallel tracks, that is; one based on an installation kit with a 3.5 inch adapter, cables and so on and available for both desktop and laptop, and another product simply with SSD without other accessories. IMO, you should definitely go with this cheap solution that will come approx. for $110.

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    Re: best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

    With the new V300 model, Kingston has operated a new controller that gives good results. Also with the new 19 nm chips, the V300 is not always the most efficient, but it still offers benefits that are relatively good. The V300 also shows high performance even on max speed, while just over the minimum flows. It also has an additional 3 year warranty. Also I have heard that some specific Samsung SSD models are much inferior compared to the Kingston SSDs, but I could be wrong. In any case, you have to decide on your own which one would favour you the most.
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