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Thread: is Kingston SSDNow V200 worth-it?

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    is Kingston SSDNow V200 worth-it?

    I am looking to buy a new Kingston SSDNow V200 256gb drive for my new computer built. There is a seller who is selling it for $199 for the new one. I am wondering whether I should go with this SSD or not because I havent seen any reviews or such from any place? Does anyone know is it worth to go for this SSD or with some other? What is its read and write speed? Thanks for any replies in advance.
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    Re: is Kingston SSDNow V200 worth-it?

    While testing the SSDNow V200 with the HyperX model SSDs, the prior was able to surpass in some tests that we conducted by some small margins. Actually the HyperX models are also better in many cases but I never thought that V200 will come on top of a single test just because of using the MLC Asynchronous NAND flash modules which is worth mentioning. It is a good choice to go for.

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    Re: is Kingston SSDNow V200 worth-it?

    The Kingston SSDNow SSDNow V200 is based on the SATA Rev with 3.0 SandForce processor of the second generation, offering theoretical speeds of up to 6 Gbit/s. It also has the TRIM command to ensure a consistently high performance. By using DuraWrite, RAISE and DuraClass technology it becomes an optimal data security drive and integrity can be guaranteed as well. The performance of this SSD is quite convincing.

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    Re: is Kingston SSDNow V200 worth-it?

    As one would expect from Kingston, the SSDNow V200 comes in a high quality processed aluminum housing for the buyers. In terms of performance its happens to be a good drive as compared to others.. One can see very clearly the difference between SandForce drives with synchronous NAND and MLC representatives of asynchronous control, and this includes the Kingston SSD. There are also some firmware updates that is released by Kingston to improve its performance more, you can get the firmware from the official website only, if you want.

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