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Thread: Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

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    Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

    I am looking to purchase a SSD but cannot make up my mind. I was looking at the Kingston HyperX 3K 240 and OCZ Agility 4 SSD 256 and it seems the OCZ one is costly. I cannot decide for myself which one is fastest among the two? I wouldnt mind purchasing the OCZ even if it is expensive, but if kingston is faster in terms of read and write speeds then I would probably choose it over OCZ. Thanks.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

    I dont think there is much difference in their prices. I have checked out some reviews on both the SSD's. It seems that many people were satisfied with the performance of OCZ SSD, but nothing is so special about it though. The kingston sure is can be a faster drive but many have said that it may have a shorter life span, so in that case it will be better to go with OCZ.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

    Kingston HyperX 3K SSD uses the same driver like its predecessor, or the Sand Force SF-2281, so the results are practically the same as obtained on the original SSD. The HyperX 3K, is more profitable than the HyperX. The explanation can be clearly seen by looking at the name of the unit, although not detailed in Kingston documents. The SSD uses NAND Flash cells certified for PE 5000, which means that the unit can erase and record again about 5,000 times.

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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3K vs OCZ Agility 4

    All SandForce SSDs show similar performance with a long queue, peaking at about 550 MB/s. Better yet, they manage to compete with the 256 GB versions of the Crucial m4, OCZ Vertex 4 and Samsung 830. In contrast, the Agility 4 is lagging behind whatever the number of orders are in the queue, especially the 128 and 256 GB versions which start at about 310 MB/s and peaking at 390 and 420 MB/s respectively. The Agility 4 shows weaknesses in 64 GB version with a maximum throughput of about 300 MB/s sequential read, which puts it at almost the same level as the Intel SSD 320 300GB as per some test. So, you can decide for yourself which one to go for exactly.

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