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Thread: Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

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    Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

    I just recently got a new Gigabyte R9 280x graphics card and when I booted my pc with this card for the first time then the temp was showing at 36C only. But after playing some games like Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, then the video card temp stays at 60C and will not cool down as well. This same thing was happening with my old card as well, therefore I bought this new card and now am facing this same problem. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

    Well, your Gigabyte R9 280x is actually running at a moderate temp at load and it is just fine. Usually, if you will check on many website then you will find that the average temperature of your video card is 75C under load. You can even check on the official statement of AMD website that your graphics card can run at a temperature till 90C at load and 60C is very normal for your video card. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

    Most of the GPU temp readings are not accurate, so try to download MSI Afterburner software by searching it on the net and install it in your pc. MSI Afterburner gives you the ability to change the frequency of the GPU, video memory and Shaders and to change the speed of the fans as well. You can even create different profiles and to save your configurations with this software, it is a very handy tool.

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    Re: Gigabyte R9 280x idle temp 60C?

    When you are playing games, then GPU tends to get hot and if there is anything below 85C then there is no need to worry concerning your room temperatures. You can try to underclock the graphics card to lower those temperature but 60C is not really a maximum temperature at all. The idle benchmarks temps are normally 70-80C and at load you were at 60, so there is nothing to worry.

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