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Thread: BSOD with Gigabyte R9 280X

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    BSOD with Gigabyte R9 280X

    I am using a Asrock motherboard with Intel Core i3 processor along with 600Watt Power supply and 8gb of RAM. Recently I purchased this new Gigabyte R9 280X graphics card. After connecting it on the board I am continuously getting blue screen of death. I have not even overclocked this video card but still the problem occurs frequently. Does anyone know how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: BSOD with Gigabyte R9 280X

    How old is your computer configuration. Can you go into BIOS and check the hardware monitor to find out if the Power Supply voltage is giving enough power over 3.3v and 12.0v? It might be possible that the 600Watt power supply is not sufficient for R9 290X card, so try to get a PSU of 650Watts minimum. That might be one of the reason why you are getting the blue screen of deaths. Also, are you using any cooler inside your computer chassis just to ensure that it is not overheating.

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    Re: BSOD with Gigabyte R9 280X

    I am also thinking that it might be a case of overheating. Can you try to download temperature monitoring programs like GPUz or MSI Afterburner. When you are playing any games then minimize it to desktop and then launch any of these softwares to read the temp of your graphics card. If you are getting a temp of anything above 82 degree celcius then this could be the reason the video card is crashing and throwing the blue screen of death.

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    Re: BSOD with Gigabyte R9 280X

    Can you try to check whether the graphics card fan is spinning properly? You can use the MSI Afterburner software to increase the speed of the GPU fan. Also make sure that the graphics card is firmly inserted in its PCIe x16 slot, just press down firmly from each corner on the top of the card to confirm it. Also, download and install the latest graphics drivers from Nvidia website. The CPU can also overheat in your case, so try to clean all the dust from the CPU and apply new thermal paste if needed.

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