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Thread: MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

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    MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

    I am looking forward to buy a budget graphics card for my computer which can support all latest games with medium settings or even low settings as per the game's requirement. After searching a lot on the internet I came accross two graphics card named MSI GTX 770 and Gigabyte R9 280x. If both are coming at the same rate then which one should I go with. I have heard that there are some artifact issue with the R9 280x card? Thanks

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    Re: MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

    What is the exact model of these cards that you want to buy? I dont think there are any artifact issues with the R9 280x video card. What all games are you considering to play by the way? Can you also tell us what is your complete computer specification? How much watt Power Supply do you have? I have read that both the Gigabyte R9 280x and Msi R9 280x cards perform very similarly at stock. There are not any difference that you can find while running any one of them on your machine.
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    Re: MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

    You should first of all look at the games that you want to play to check if either of these will benefit you. After that just go with the video card that supports what you use or need the most. Basically, the GTX 770 will get you PhysX technology where else the R9 280x will get you Mantle. Also, there isnt any problems with the R9 280X graphics card unless a defective item is sold to you. I will suggest you to go with the Gigabyte GTX 770 card because it is honestly better and Nvidia control panel is also much easier.

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    Re: MSI GTX 770 vs Gigabyte R9 280x

    Even I agree that artifacts are caused by faulty video cards and it can happen either with the Amd or Nvidia cards. In any case, both cards are very much close to the same performance and with the R9 280x edgeing the GTX 770 by a little bit in most games. But in most of the games the GTX 770 performs on the top. Both graphics card are also available at the same price of $430. Note that you will require a minimum of atleast 650Watt power supply for connecting the video card.

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