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Thread: PCIe slot issue with Gigabyte Z87x UD3H

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    PCIe slot issue with Gigabyte Z87x UD3H

    I have recently bought a new graphics card Radeon HD 7950 and after seating it on the PCIe 16 slot on the Gigabyte Z87x UD3H motherboard then it will not start at all. There is no display on the monitor. If I am putting this card on the PCIe 8 slot then it is working fine? I have already installed the latest graphics driver, updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest, etc; but still there is no change? Can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: PCIe slot issue with Gigabyte Z87x UD3H

    Well, I would first recommend you to try out the same video card on another system, anyone of your friends, and check if the computer powers on. If the computer doesnt power on then surely it is a problem with the graphics card but if the computer turns on then the PCIe x16 slot on the gigabyte motherboard might be damaged. You can try to replace the board if it is in warranty.

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    Re: PCIe slot issue with Gigabyte Z87x UD3H

    I am facing a similar issue like you. If I boot my pc with the graphics card plugged in then BIOS will not start. The mobo seems to boot only with the onboard graphics with the GPU removed and power unplugged. I am running the latest motherboard BIOS as well. I do not have another card to test to see if it is a graphics card problem. Is there any other suggestions? Thanks

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    Re: PCIe slot issue with Gigabyte Z87x UD3H

    There is a temporary fix that you can follow to solve this issue. First boot the computer without plugging the graphics card and then enter the BIOS. Now try to set the "Init Display First" to "IGFX" which is normally the onboard graphics. After that save the option and power off the PC. Now connect your card in the motherboard and turn on the PC. Just ensure that one of the monitors is plugged to the onboard to make the changes in your operating system.

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