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Thread: Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view

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    Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view

    I was using office 2003 previously and i have upgraded to Office 2007 recently. I really don't like menu layout of word 2007, i want to know if it is possible to Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view ?

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    I will like to inform you that the office Files button in Word 2007 screen on the top left provides menu with similar choices compared to classic 2003 view. There are some other 3rd party products that allow switching office 2007 menu. If you are not satisfied with menu option in Word 2007 then you can ask Microsoft for a refund at this site.

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    You can try using MS Office classic menu restoration software, i haven't used it but i think it will help you out in switching Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view, Just Google out Classic Menu for Office 2007 and download it from the site you find worth.

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    Re: Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view

    I totally and whole-heartedly agree - I really think MS have thrown the baby out with the bathwater on this one. I rely on MS Office for my living and now they have High Handedly disregarded their old satified customers (since Win 95 only 14 years) and its wasting a helluva load of my time and my company's time because we can't find anything.

    What's worse, I'm seeing a load of things I don't need to see instead (Viz "Styles" in Word). The icons are all of different sizes and give a very "busy" and untidy look to my workspace, just like most cluttered web sites

    At least with outlook you can switch off the Arrange in groups and reading pain. Why can't we switch back to the classic toolbar view.

    It is so bad that I have to take my personal lap top into work - data stock projects to that and then dat stock back inot my work computer because its very much more efficient and stress free way of operating.

    At present, I have migraine induced by this and I am not very impressed

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    Re: Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view

    Yes, the Classic Menu for Office 2007 of Addintools provides classic view for all programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook 2007.

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    Re: Switch Office 2007 menus to classic 2003 view

    I have been using Office 2003 for several years, but recently the upgrade to Office 2007 bothers me. Like you, I miss the Office 2003 classic style interface. So from the google search result, I have found Classic Menu for Office 2007 and it can bring back all office 2003 menus and toolbar to office 2007. It seems I can use Office 2003 again, amazing!
    However, the ribbbon remains and can only be minimized. But Thank you very much for your notice, and now I get my favorite office 2003 view back.
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