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Thread: not able to install office 2003 asking for file

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    When i am trying to install office 2003 in my system running on windows xp then installer is asking me for some file. I don't know where it is, is there anyone who can help me out completing the installation successfully, Thanks in advance.

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    Re: not able to install office 2003 asking for file

    Hi All,

    I too had problem installing Office 2003, because I kept getting a message stating that was missing. I received the fix to my problem from SAM HILL who responded to someone elses problem with another cab file problem. I pasted his solution below. THANKS SAM

    "Here is your fix for this problem. The file is not actually missing, so ignore that. This problem results from the way windows attempts to cache certain files during install, to be accessed later for various reasons. At any rate, follow the following steps and you should see a successful installation:

    To begin with, you must locate the setup.ini file that is included with your installation files. This might be located in the following location (in this case the CD/DVD drive is designated by g:):


    Once you locate the setup.ini file, open it with Notepad.
    Locate the following line (under the [Cache] heading): CDCACHE=AUTO
    Now change this line to read: CDCACHE=0
    Close Notebook, saving your changes.
    Your install should work now.
    *NOTE* If you cannot make changes to setup.ini you might have to copy all files from the installation medium (CD) to a folder on your hard drive (make a new folder for this purpose). Then you should be able to make the changes to setup.ini. After making the changes, run setup.exe (or autorun.exe) from the newly transferred files on your hard drive (in this case don't use your installation CD). The new folder containing all the installation files can be removed from your hard drive after installation.

    By changing CDCACHE from AUTO to 0 you are in effect disabling the cache function during your install. Under normal circumstances CDCACHE copies certain install source files to the Msocache folder-hidden on the local hard drive. This Local Install Source feature is installed so that you do not have to insert the CD during the following Setup operations:
    Detect and Repair
    Demand Install
    Maintenance Mode Setup
    Installation of service packs and patches

    So disabling this function during install should have minimal effect (or in most cases no effect) on your use of the Office applications.

    Hope this works for anyone that runs into this frustrating situation while attempting to install Office 2003.

    Cheers. . .

    Sam Hill"

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