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Thread: Error in re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition

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    Error in re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition

    I was using Office 2007 Home and Student without problems on Windows XP Sp2 since a year. Couple of days ago due to some problem I had to format my computer. Re-installed XP SP2 and all other softwares but while trying to install Office H&S 2007 again, here is the huge error I get:

    “Error 2203 An internal error has occurred. (C:\Windows\Installer\e05691.msi - 2147287035) Contact Microsoft product support service (PSS) for assistance for information. For information on how to contact PSS see the file C:\Users\BC11~1.CHA\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup000004e4\PSS10R.CHM.”

    Well as the error says itself, I tried to search the file “PSS10R.CHM” but seems like it is nowhere in my entire system. And I don’t know how to solve it because there is no other information rather contacting Microsoft product support.

    Update: As this is Home and Student edition, I have right to use it on 3 PCs, right ? But this is the only PC where I have used it and this is the 3rd time I formatted the system. Can this be the cause of problem ?

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    re: Error in re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition

    I don’t think that re-installing the Office suite on same pc could be counted, there should be some another problem. Don’t you have any other system? if you have, you should give a try to install this same copy of that and see if this error occurs. If occurred than it could be the problem of 3 counts, or else you will come to know atleast that there is some problem with your system itself.

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    re: Error in re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition

    i personally I don’t have very good experience contacting Microsoft product support service (PSS) hence I don’t prefer that. I have some problem that already discussed over there but I only come across some "MVP" in their signature to translate the kb articles, tips, etc. to something usable. Hope if some one can help me out here with this problem:

    When I enter the product key while installing Office 2007, I get the Green check mark that the keys are correct but just in few seconds it gives me error 2203 followed quickly with an error 1310 regarding access rights to a folder as a possible solution. I even tried to do this installation by copying the CD to a folder and running setup from there but that wasn’t helpful for me too. Yes, am logged in with the one and only Admin account and also turned off UAC.

    When I tried getting some help from online support feature, it says “There was a problem with the product ID. Please re-enter the product ID in the correct format as shown. You may also obtain support by paying with a credit card”. Why should I buy it again if I already have one. Any help ?

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    Re: Error in re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student

    You guys should verify your product keys. Usually we make mistakes most of the time with few similar alphabets such as:

    B and 8
    O and 0

    Better use magnifier and try entering the correct keys.

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