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Thread: Messed up office 2007 trial uninstall, office 2003 not working.

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    Messed up office 2007 trial uninstall, office 2003 not working.

    I got a laptop form my office that came with Xp and Office 2003 installed. Just for testing purpose I download and installed Office 2007 trail. Now its been a month and I have tested enough for the trail hence I wanted to remove it. But it seems like it wont want to get rid of my computer. I was just unable to uninstall it from Add and Remove program.

    Hence I restored my system to a restore point that unfortunately deleted mso cache files. Now even my office 2003 apps stopped working. None of Office 2003 applications are working and every time a windows installer keeps poping up. I know I could repair this but I can’t as I lost the MSO cache files. Also I don’t have the disk to repair as I said I got this from my office. Can anyone please suggest me something to get rid of so many problems ?

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    RE: Messed up office 2007 trial uninstall, office 2003 not working.

    i think your problem could be solved by cleaning up your disk first. Did you tried running Disk Cleanup wizard ? If not yet, run this Microsoft Cleanup Utility you can download it from that page itself, also there are instructions to use it. Hope it helps.

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