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Thread: Cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

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    Cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

    Hey guys, need some urgent help. I bought a new copy of Office 2007 Enterprises but I am not able to install it as it is just not showing up in my CD Rom drive. Am sure my CD drive is working because other CDs are showing up properly.

    Any advice please ?

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    First of all I would like to know from where did you bought this? Because some of Enterprises Suites are getting distributed in CD whereas some are distributed in DVDs. And I guess here is the problem with your system. As you said you tried testing other CDs and your CD drive is working fine. I guess the Enterprises Edition you got is the in DVD and hence it is not reading in your CD drive. Hope you know what you need to do now.

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    Re: Cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

    Damn, seems like even I am facing having the same problem. I think mine copy of Office Enterprises 2007 is DVD and I don’t have DVD drive. I bought this from my Employer and I would ready don’t like to 99$ to Microsoft for sending a CD as replacement for this. Is there any other way I can use this DVD without buying DVD drive ?

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    Re: Cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

    First of all afaik, if your system meets the minimum requirements for running Office 2007 (any edition) it would be obviously with latest hardware and latest hardware usually comes with DVD drive. Anyway, you will need to buy DVD drive for installing this copy or talk to your employer if he is having a CD package for the same.

    Alternatively just for a try, you can copy the entire DISK content to a new folder and try running the setup from there. I’m not sure but see if it works. Obviously you need to insert the DVD on any other computer with DVD drive and carry the copied folder in Pen drive or Portable HDD.

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