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Thread: Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel, etc)

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    Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel, etc)

    I’m facing a huge problem with Office Enterprises 2007 on Windows Vista 64bit laptop. Trying to find out atleast one working solution since last 3 days but yet stuck with the error. Actually I installed this office suite 3 days ago, though there was no problem in the installation process, thereafter no matter Word, Excel or PPT, when I open office application it first runs the setup or configuration window saying something “Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office”.

    As I said I already said I spent 3 days but yet no solution., now I don’t know what else I should try. Can anyone of you help me out please ?

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    RE: Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Appli

    Were you using any office suite prior installing this Enterprises 2007 ? Did you removed it completely from the system before Enterprises? If not you will definitely get all these problems. The best solution I can give you is downloading Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and remove each files you see related to Office including its registry entries. Later restart the computer and install Office Enterprises again. You wont be getting errors any more.

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    I did it

    Thanks for your help SMichael but I already tried it and it dint worked. I still got the same problem even after re-installing it. Later I also tried using a tool "Security Explorer" that let me edit permission of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.pip. I got this solution somewhere else, hence I first deleted the “.pip” file and when re-launched Excel, the key got generated again automatically. Later when I launched excel, fortunately it launched with the configuration window. Finally I was able to fix it.

    Thanks for your helps friend.
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    Don't really need the tool

    I too was facing the same problem with Office 2007, in my case i was able to launch these office applications as an Administrator and those were working properly, but if open them as another standard user, they were creating problems as mentioned above. I went to the .pip folder in the registry logged in as administrator, right clicked on pip, clicked on permissions, set administrator permissions to full, then clicked OK and then deleted the .pip folder. I then closed the registry, opened Excel and the wizard appeared again but that was for the last time.

    later when i logged in again in the standard user account i wa sable to use office applications without any problem. I think Microsoft should do something about this bug officially.

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    Re: Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel, etc)

    The Microsoft Office Diagnostic Tool worked well for me, fixed the problem with Excel.
    To run the tool in Excel 2007, once Excel is showing a worksheet:
    * - Click the Microsoft symbol in upper-left.
    * - In pulldown list, find the Excel Options at the bottom, click it.
    * - In Excel Options, click Resources
    * - On Resources page, click "run Microsoft Office Diagnostics"

    For me, it took about 10 or 15 minutes, but came back with a simple display saying something like "Diagnostics fixed a problem that may make Excel run better" - not very self-assured, but it did work!

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