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Thread: proplus.ww\ Missing

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    proplus.ww\ Missing

    I have a Windows Vista operating system installed on my pc and I am trying to install Office 2007 on it. When i try to install it I am getting an error that says that "proplus.ww\ is missing". I have previously installed this same office suite in 3 different computers and i still have 10 licenses for it and it is working properly in those computers. Can anyone tell me how do is find this file to install office 2007 in the last machine?

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    The cab file that you are looking for is in the office 2007 CD itself. You will need to point the installer at the CD to find that particular cab file and then try to install it on your pc. Otherwise, you can try some different CD's to install Office 2007 on your pc and then try to use the left over licenses that you have. Normally, any Microsoft Office disk are same and they have the same file, only for registration purpose, different license key is needed. Maybe due to some corruption in the disk, it could be possible the cab file couldnt be read from the disk and hence it is giving you error. So try any of the methods mentioned and hopefully you will get your issues resolved.

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    Even i was facing this issue with the missing when trying to install office 2007 on my pc from the disc image on the hard drive. To resolve it, i just copied the installation of the disc on a ISO image on the hard drive and thne mounted the image with a virtual drive software called daemon tools and then I started the installation from the virtual drive and everything went smoothly. Hope that it will work for you as well.

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    i tried copying it to the desktop
    nothign worked


    i bought mine on the disc..

    this is what happens
    it says installing microsoft office professional plus 2010...
    and gets stuck..

    later on a pop up message: could not ifnd

    when i copied the thing on the desktop
    it says "" missing

    i wanna kill myself -.-
    2007 worked fine but i wanted 2010
    now 2007 is deleted and 2010 doesn't even work
    and i payed large sum of money for this


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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    Hi baterman,

    First verify that, you have completely uninstalled all previous Office installations using the official MS tool and then install the new version of office. Even after that the problem doesnt solve, then in the below link you will find the Phone numbers and email addresses as to where and whom to contact about Office Enterprise\Pro Plus and your issue, just scroll down to the bottom of page to find your country:

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    Uninstall all trial or earlier versions of Office installed on the machine and try installing Office 2010.

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    I solved the mystery of the missing/corrupt cab file. I had been encountering the same problem while installing Office Pro Plus 2007 on a machine running Windows XP. Kept directing it back to the CD where the file resides, but the file somehow became corrupt. Went out to the Internet in search of the file (which is a zip file by the way). Hit 3 sites that all said free download - only one was actually free - but it took over any hour to download (309 files). Finally, I copied all of the folders, etc. from the CD into a new folder on the desktop - EXCEPT the PROPLS.WW folder. Opened that on the CD and copied all files EXCEPT the ProPlsWW zip file - which I replaced with the clean version I had downloaded. AND...VOILA...the installation went through without a hitch. It took some perseverence, but success is its own reward.

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    This problem is due to poor DVD quality, older drives may not be able to read it. To solve the problem, when the installation error occurs, install another student version DVD, even if it has been loaded twice and DO NOT LET IT AUTORUN. A window will appear stating that 2 instances of installation cannot occur, DO NOT CLICK OK or the installation will cancel, instead use the X at the top right of the window and point to the DVD drive, problem solved.

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    Can you tell us whether you are using a disc to install Office 2007 in your computer or have downloaded its file from microsoft website? By using the disc you should try to copy the whole disc contect to a new folder in your hard drive and then try to run the .exe file for installation. If you want some more information then follow this link -

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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    Try to remove any older version of office if installed on your system. Like Office 2007 or older one. Then go ahead with the new one. Second thing as mentioned above you have to copy the content of that entire disc on your desktop inside a folder. Copy everything and then run setup.exe. If you still get the error then the disc is having some issue. It has a missing or damage file which is causing the problem. You can download a fresh copy from web and use the serial key for installation.

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