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Thread: How to uninstall Microsoft Office Activation Assistant (2007)?

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    How to uninstall Microsoft Office Activation Assistant (2007)?

    Hello, I have recently got a new Notebook which has Windows Vista opearting system on it as well a trial version of Microsoft office 2007 was pre-installed in it. Since i didnt want the ms office, i successfully uninstalled it and then i saw a program called Microsoft Office Activation Assistant residing as well. So i also tried to uninstall it but later on it told me that i must first uninstall the Office that is installed on this notebook. Since I have removed the office 2007, then why is it still telling me to remove it? Can anyone please help to get rid of this program for once and for all? Thanks

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    You can again try to download the trial version of the office software from microsoft official website and then install it again and then first try to uninstall the Microsoft Office Activation Assistant and then uninstall the trial version. It could be possible that some of the remains of the office 2007 must have not uninstalled properly from your pc and hence the Activation Assistant is still detecting that office 2007 is still installed in your notebook. Give it a try and let us know the results.

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    Even I had the same problem but thanks to the above simple post which solved the issue for me. I downloaded the Office Student Teacher version from microsoft website and then installed it on my pc. After it was installed i went in to Cotrol Panel and then used the customized option to remove all the features of the office suite and then each and every feature including the Activation Assistant was removed immediately after a simple restart of the pc. Thanks alot for the simple method.

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    You can even download a tool called RevoUninstaller which is a free utility that allows you to uninstall all of your installed applications in Windows cleanly and thoroughly. Allowing a grip of the fastest, it offers a clean interface as well as several types of software displayed on your machine. So you can find them in the form of icons and lists in more or less detailed information. For optimum efficiency, you have four modes to uninstall a software - "Integrated, Safe, Moderate and Advanced." Depending on your level of demand and the time you have, you will opt for either a quick uninstall and "basic" or for a more thorough uninstall. This last option will scan your computer thoroughly that is registered on the hard disk, looking for items related to the given application and take care by removing them completely.

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    Re: How to uninstall Microsoft Office Activation Assistant (2007)?

    How did you manage to uninstall the Activation Ass? I got Office 2007 off, and then I got Vit Registry Fix, and it removed the traces of 2007, and I was able to install Office 2003. But I couldn't get rid of the Activation.
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