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Thread: Issue with silent installation for Office 2007 Suite

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    Issue with silent installation for Office 2007 Suite

    I am bit struggling with Office 2007 silent installation. I had gone through a number of threads, but still not able to find out where I am wrong. I am using OCT tool to work on the patch file of Microsoft Office Pro. It looks to be working quiet fine. I had performed common settings for the all applications that are in Office Suite. At the time of setup on a different network in similar way I am getting a setup failed error. It shows that some of customization will not at all work. I cannot find which one. The message says to perform the setup again by simply removing the customization.

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    If you are trying to do the same with a enterprise edition of Microsoft Office 2007 or with the Retail edition then this might not be working. Last time I face the same issue which was related to some invalid pidkey in config.xml. And there is nothing mentioned in the documents to deal with the issue.

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