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Thread: Office 2010 & KMS Server

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    Office 2010 & KMS Server

    I need a bit help in configuring Office 2010 on KMS server. I am starting with a testing environment this time. So it would not be better if I deploy the same without prior experience. It would become complicated to handle. I need help on the same. How can start and what are the best thing I should keep in my mind.

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    It depends on your practice how you want to configure. If KMS is already configured with Windows server then you need to follow different steps. You cab begin by starting first how this actually works. I am providing you a technet link that has quiet nice detail on what you are looking for the same. It would be a bit confusing if I had too many things here. You must first learn how to use or how it actually works and then you will be able to deploy the same.

    Understanding KMS

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    What about those who does has the KMS server. I had gone through a number of articles which says that KMS can run through DC without any issue. As I am planing to work with DC as KMS server. There are lots of doubts which is not quiet possible to understand in such a short way.

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    I found this deployment guide that has ample of information which you are looking for. There are some list of things that you have to keep ready before starting the same. You can start with clearing out number of things which are not really required.

    Volume Activation Deployment Guide

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