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Thread: Office 2010 Setup failure

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    Office 2010 Setup failure

    I was having a Windows 7 pc running with Office 2010 beta. Recently I upgraded few hardware in this system and is now running with Athlon II 620 (4x 2.6GHz), 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Yesterday I and downloaded full version of Office 2010 from my TechNet account. Before installing this I removed Beta from my system, reboot and started installation.

    While installing the new Office 2010, at a stage it stops and pop up with an error saying:
    "The language of this installation package is not supported by your system."

    I don’t know what language related error this is but let me you tell you that my system settings are English, the version I download is Office English 64bit, than why this error is occurring every time I try installing? Please help.

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    RE: Office 2010 Setup failure

    Well I solved it myself after lots of research. So thought to share here assuming it can help others as well. Let me first tell you that after posting my query above, I thought there would be some problem in my downloaded copy hence I downloaded the file again from technet account and tried running the same but yet got the same error. Later after doing some more research I came to know that we can’t extract the file before running, I don’t know what could be the reason behind it but it doesn’t create proper folder structure.

    Hence what I did with the newly downloaded file was I directly double clicked the actually downloaded file that started extracting files in the temporary folder named OWPE14A.tmp (in my case, yours may be different). The set up started and finished without any problem. We can also copy this folder (temp folder) if we need to save it for future use or tu put it on network.

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    RE: Office 2010 Setup failure

    Thanks for sharing this buddy but seems like it wont work for me. I downloaded and RTM Office 2007 and double clicked the same as you said. But I dint saw anything extracting. Also when I checked my temp folder, there was nothing like that. Are you sure the yours file was in temporary folders OR am I making any mistake ?

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