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Thread: Microsoft 60 Day Trial Key - Activation Assistant not working

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    Microsoft 60 Day Trial Key - Activation Assistant not working

    Seems like my system wants to play with me. It is a new HP laptop that came preinstalled with Vista and Office 2007 Trail edition but not trail activate. I found an Activation Assistant as well that should have helped me to Activate 60 Days trail with 1 click. But when I click it, instead of giving me the product key and activating the trial, it gives me the following message:

    "The Microsoft Office Activation Assistant was unable to request your trial activation key. Please check your Internet connection and try again. If the error continues, go to to request a trial activation key. "

    I said Ok and click the link, it took me at a page where there was one more link. I click that also then I landed on page where I found a button named “Activate the free 60-day trial”. I was happy to find it finally, but when I clicked this button it told me to use the same tool and gave me another URL to "request a trial activation key online." so i click this and it took me another page with option "Request a trial activation key online" .

    When I clicked that, it again took me to another page where finally I got an option saying “Get a Trial Key / To obtain a Trial Activation Key, please select the product from the list below and click on 'Get Key”. But the problem is there was no option for me to choose or select product. I was already frustrated but still I tried to get some help from HP or Microsoft Officials but both of them were unable to help me.

    Can anyone here help me getting the keys to activate my trail suite for 60 days ?

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    Re: Microsoft 60 Day Trial Key - Activation Assistant not working

    I don’t know what could be the problem but as you seem too frustrated let me suggest you something. You should simply uninstall the existing Trial version completely from the system, run Disk Cleanup and download fresh Trail from here. Install this and hopefully you will get the activation keys easily for this.

    Another suggestion I would like give you is instead of Office 2007, why don’t you just try out Office 2010 trial. Microsoft is providing it too for free. But if you want to stuck with Office 2007 itself, than why don’t you simply buy the full version and get rid of all these annoying problems.

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