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Thread: how do i transfer office 2007 license to a new computer

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    How to transfer my Office 2007 license to a new computer?

    I need an urgent help from you all. I’m using Office 2007 Pro (retail) on my Desktop. I bought this office suite just month go. Now due to some hardware problems I bought a new laptop and want to move my Office 2007 License safely to the new laptop from desktop. Also I would like to de-register it from the older desktop so that I wont require to do phone activation. Is there any way for doing the same?

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    There is no such term (De-register or Deactivate) in any Office edition. You will need to uninstall Office completely from old system and then install it on new computer. Later you will need to go through Phone Activation process.

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    how do i transfer office 2007 license to a new computer

    As my title says, I want to move my Microsoft Office 2007 license to a new computer because there is some problem in my this system and am going to format and clean reinstall it very soon. The only thing am concerned is to get this license office on my new pc. Please help.

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    Re: how do i transfer office 2007 license to a new computer

    If it is retail version I think you will be able to get it by simply removing it from the older system and installing again on the new system. If and only if something gone wrong you will need go with phone activation. Alternatively you can also get some more help from these URLs:
    1. How to move office to new computer without violating license?
    2. Copy microsoft office from one computer to another
    3. Transfer Microsoft Office to a new Computer

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    Re: how do i transfer office 2007 license to a new computer

    When you say to uninstall from the old computer, do I just go to Control Panel and uninstall? Do I need to use the Office CD to uninstall? Or do I need to be connected to the Internet when I uninstall?

    I'm trying to figure out how my Office CD is going to know that I uninstalled the Office 2007 from my old computer and am now installing that license on to a new computer. Or how Microsoft is going to know that it has been uninstalled from the prior computer.

    Appreciate response so I feel better that I'm not going to uninstall in the wrong way and then discover I've got an Office 2007 CD that is not installed anywhere and won't let me install anywhere.



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