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Thread: Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

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    Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

    I ordered a Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 for my office system as I need to work with different languages. I read somewhere that this file includes multi-languages including Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Hindi, Japanese, and Korean. I was happy to get what I want but as I started the setup I found that there are no above mentioned languages listed over there. What should I do now ?

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    Re: Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

    The Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 is a supplement product that can change the entire user experience of desktop applications, Office 2007 to allow each workstation to support multiple languages. This includes the menus / UI, help, dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker. In addition to improving the user experience, users can choose to use individual aspects of the package, such as spell checker to proof a document in a language other than the default language on your computer.

    See if you can get some help here

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    Re: Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

    Actually, when you install Windows operating system for the first time then by default system installs only one language on your pc. But you can modify it to deploy multiple languages. Incase you would also like to deploy a default language to every computer at your place then check the article on "Deploy multiple language versions of the 2007 Office system" from this link -

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    Re: Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

    I am using an Office Multi-Language Pack / Proofing tools 2007 and I wanted to install Microsoft Office 2013 on my pc now. When I am trying to install MS Office 2013 then before the installation starts a small Window opens and ask me to uninstall the 2007 grove? Now can anyone tell me what does this grove software do? Thanks in advance for any explanation.

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