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    can't find


    I’m having a very short query but huge problem. I am trying to install Office 2003 (bought yesterday itself) on my Windows XP Pro desktop, but every time it stucks with a message saying “can't find” and gives me an option to browse the files. I don’t where is this file located.

    I even tried to install in Safe mode but yet the same problem. I tried searching this file on my system but dint got it anywhere. Somebody please help me out installing Office on my system.

    Thank you

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    RE: can't find

    There could be various reason for this and offcourse various solutions as well depending on the cause.

    First of all, remove your installation disk from the drive, clean it with soft cloth or cotton. Reinsert it back. Try to start the installation now and see if the installer is able to read the file. If that don’t works, see below.

    Secondly, make a new folder on desktop and name it “Office 07”. This is just temporary name, you can name it anything. Copy entire CD content to this folder. Once copied, remove the CD and keep it beside. Open the folder Office 07 and double click the setup.exe from the root of this folder to start the installation. It works in many cases where we get missing file errors.

    If that too dint helps, open your system, remove memory (RAM), clean it and reset it back to different slot. That’s it. Start the installation again. Any of these 3 steps should work for you. But just MAKE SURE that you have uninstalled any earlier version or TRAIL of office from your system completely using Windows Installer Cleanup tool before start the installation of this purchased suite.

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    RE: can't find

    Thanks a lot for the help T.J. Cleaning the CD dint worked but as you stated in the second process, I copied the CD and running the setup from there went smoothly. Now my office is working fine. Thank you.

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    RE: can't find

    I was facing “Missing” error earlier while trying to install Office 2003, as per your instructions I cleaned the disk and tried again. Now though the setup is able to find, it is not stuck with “Cannot find”. I tried rest of your 2 methods but none of them worked.

    Any help please ?

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