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Thread: How to run Office 2007 Pro Plust silent installation through custom.msp

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    How to run Office 2007 Pro Plust silent installation through custom.msp

    I use a command type mode to work with office installation. After going through many details I found that using the setup.exe /adminfile custom.msp is quiet better. I had customized the msp file and made some changes for Outlook 2007 installation. I had removed the older one. Everything looks to be working well. I created one more new msp file which is used to remove old office products. I want to know that whether this is beneficial. Is this going to help me much. I want to remove old files through msp.

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    Silent install / uninstall office 2007

    What settings had you modified. Did you used the installation of product by default or simply configure the msp to overwrite the applications which are installed. I am here trying to deal with more core elements of Office. I copied the file in temp folder and then by using setup.exe /admin, I have option to install it. I want something that can install by removing all the old thing.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I'm trying exactly what you described now in my test.

    I figured once I set the display level to none in the OCW I wouldn't have to use a config.xml.... Guess I was wrong!

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    I have a weird hanging issue at the end of the install. I've tried your config.xml settings and they are not working for me. I've also tried using the setup_reboot field, but that doesn't work either. I am however installing sp1 simultaneously using the updates folder. I think that has something to do with it because I noticed that at the end of applying updates, which is the last set of things the install does, it just hangs. If I remove the reboot equals never entry in config.xml it goes through fine, but I can't do that because this has to an automated installation. Any ideas?

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