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Thread: Brushing teeth twice a day may be more harmful than helpful

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    Brushing teeth twice a day may be more harmful than helpful

    Brushing teeth twice a day may be more harmful than helpful

    Brushing your teeth more than twice a day can actually do more harm than good, say experts.
    The guidance is contrary to years of advice, which encouraged children to brush teeth after every meal.
    With the increasing rates of tooth decays, experts blame ‘five portions of fruit and veggies a day’.
    Dentists said that while fizzy drinks and chocolates were the worst causes, fruit and fruit drinks were also high in acid, which leads to tooth decays. Moreover, foods covered in sauces or dressings are also acidic.
    The research showed the effects of acid erosion on children’s teeth. Though eating an orange is bad for erosion, it could worsen if children clean their teeth after every meal, as the acid has already softened enamel. Moreover, a hard toothbrush would scratch away the softer surface and damage it even more.
    Professor Jimmy Steele of the School of Dental Sciences at the University of Newcastle said that protection from an early age would help fight erosion.
    “While children should not be discouraged from consuming acidic food and drinks, it is important for parents to take small steps to minimise the risk to their children’s teeth,” Steele said.
    “Encourage them to drink acidic drinks with a straw placed towards the back of the mouth away from teeth,” he said. “And encourage children to wait as long as possible after an acidic meal, or brush beforehand.” ANI

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    Is this true Or your just joking

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