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Thread: is my logo offensive?

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    is my logo offensive?

    Hi guys,

    I make educational Java vids on youtube and recently came up with a logo. I'm concerned whether people of Indian descent might find it offensive. Could you please tell me if it's a bad choice of image? Thank you.
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    Re: is my logo offensive?

    Nope, being an Indian myself I didnt find your Logo offensive. The cloth of the man that you have used in your logo is usually wear by most of the Guru's (Teachers) in India and it also replicates the tag line of Guru word that you have used.

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    Re: is my logo offensive?

    Thank you for replying--good to know!

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    Re: is my logo offensive?

    I don't find it offensive either.

    But I do have a suggestion, I think the branding would be better if you just used the head as the logo. It's more memorable like that.

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