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Thread: Indian government planning to all village panchayat by net

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    Indian government planning to all village panchayat by net

    India is said to be a land of villages, where 70 percent of people lives in rural area's. The existence of technology is very poor in our country, even srilanka and Malaysia are far ahead. As BJP is in the form, they are trying to build technological bridge across the country by introducing broadband connection to connect village panchayat across nation, which will enable us to meet the gap between the urban and rural areas, and provide aid to develop nation.

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    Re: Indian government planning to all village panchayat by net

    Definitely the initiative to connect village panchayat through internet is beneficial for economic development. The prime minister of our country has targeted to connect 250000 panchayat's across country, for e-education, e-service, e-governance. The government will provide three internet connection and one Wi-Fi hotspots, in every local body. Introduction of technical connection in rural area will help a lot, not only to village people's but also to government, as the government can interact with people through internet and solve there problems, and also provide them awareness.

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    Re: Indian government planning to all village panchayat by net

    The project cost estimated to be 20000 crore, which is approved by government and it is estimated to be completed by march 2016. The project carries a great importance, but there are some other vital area's where government should focus, such as providing education, employment opportunities, reducing poverty, infrastructure building, providing basic facilities to backward rural area such as clean water, electricity, school and educational institutions etc. The idea of e-panchayat is good but only after when the rehabilitation of village people is sustainable, but if basic necessities are not available, then there is no need to work on this project.

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