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Thread: Applying for personal loan through policy bazaar

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    Applying for personal loan through policy bazaar

    I want to apply for home loan and I want to do that through policy bazaar. My friend suggested me that this site has a very simple way of applying for loan. I had already called my bank and they say I might be not eligible due to my current salary. So just want to confirm that does policy bazaar can help me to get the personal loan. Has anyone applied for the same before and got the same. And does they charge for any loan application.

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    Re: Applying for personal loan through policy bazaar

    You can use policy bazaar. I think it is the best option here. You have a load procedure. You have to fill up important details with the amount of loan you need. The good part of using policy bazaar is that it gives you a figure what amount of loan you are finally going to get based on your current income. And with name of banks which are going to provide. It is very easy to find out loan information compare to other site.

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    Re: Applying for personal loan through policy bazaar

    There are few points you must remember before taking personal loan. First personal loan is only provided to salaried employed. If you live in metro then your minimum salary must be Rs.24000 or higher. Below that you wont get any and it will be hard for you to get the load. It is recommended that you must checkout the eligibility criteria before taking this loans so that you wont get any issue further. HDFC is the cheapest I think that charge you 18.50%.

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