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Thread: It is safe to buy used mobile phone from OLX

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    It is safe to buy used mobile phone from OLX

    I want to buy a used Lumia phone from OLX. I want to know that is it safe. I found the price of Nokia Lumia 525 very impressive and the photos which are posted shows the phone is quiet good. It is not very old. I just want to know that is it safe to buy this kind of devices. Because I do not think Olx verify the ads which are posted. How can I buy safely. Is there any criteria through which I can ensure that I am buying from genuine person.

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    Re: It is safe to buy used mobile phone from OLX

    Unlike Ebay, you don't have any kind of security on Olx. Ebay has a guarantee policy where if the product is not reached you or if it is not delivered then the seller does not receive the money and the amount is refunded to you. In Olx you have to meet the person and buy. And if he con you there is no way to recover your money. Always check the bill and contact the person to meet at some good place. Do not visit their local area.

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    Re: It is safe to buy used mobile phone from OLX

    Whenever you buy from this online site, check that you have the right bill. An official bill through which you can just verify that you are buying the right device. It is not being robbed from others. This is one of the biggest issue. Because if you buy a robbed phone then you will come into troubles. Call the person and ask him about the date of purchase, tell him to mail you bill and get a bit information about him. I recently bought a tablet form a guy who work for tech company. He looks genuine and has box, accessories and bill.

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    Re: It is safe to buy used mobile phone from OLX

    It is safe.

    Please ask for the documents related.
    Like if he had bought the mobile from Croma ask for the relevant papers so that you can avail any exchange offers.

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