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Thread: Which Movie did you watch last?

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    Which Movie did you watch last?

    I was thinking to start this thread where anyone can post the film they last watched and how did you like it as well. I usually watch movies in theaters but only blockbusters or either movies with good titles or movie lines. Since I am from India most of the movies release here on every Friday and the last movie that I saw was "Phata Poster Nikala Hero". I would rate this movie 1.5 out of 5 star rating because its story is poorly based on a character who is trying to be a mommy's boy all the time in the movie.

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    The last movie that I saw in theater was Riddick (2013) from actor Vin Diesel and I would give it a 4 star rating out of 5. This movie is really worth to watch. The actions are awesome, the way Vin Diesel survives from the creatures and adapts to their environment is pretty cool. I hope that a new series of this movie also happens in the near future and I will definitely watch it for sure again.
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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    I saw John day movie last week in theaters and it is based on some controversial land of Casablanca near Lonavala area. It is a one time watch movie where Naseeruddin Shah's daughter is mudered in a tragic accident that happens in the same area where the forest is set to fire. Overall this movie can be 50/50 rated for one time watch.
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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    I saw Grand Masti last week and I will suggest everyone not to watch this movie even by downloading on the computer at all. This is the worst movie of this year I could say, simply a waste of money. There are all double meaning and childish type of dialogues used in the movie that we hear from most of the people in our day to day life and this movie is not even 1 star rated if I would give it ranking.

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    I just watched Pacific Rim last Sunday. It was really wonderful and shocking.

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    Just watched Gravity last week in 3D. The movie is amazing. It being long time Sandra Bullock appeared better. The movie gives a realistic adventure of space journey by few astronauts and their survival efforts. There is nothing sci-fi hear. It is being based on the events that might actually appear. The movie is nicely detailed and nice experience for all. I will recommend everyone to watch it once in a theater with amazing 3D quality.

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    the movie that i last watched was is WHEN A MAN FALLS IN LOVE..a good movie because it will tell you something what man can do when he is truly in love with you

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    I have a lot of favourite movies. I really like 'Third Star' and 'The Lovely Bones' (Both are incredibly sad) and 'Howl's Moving Castle' because it's just amazing!

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    Re: Which Movie did you watch last?

    Perks of Being a Wallflower.
    Its an awesome movie.
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