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Thread: Your questions about Internet Explorer

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    Your questions about Internet Explorer

    If you could talk to Internet Explorer developers,what would be your questions?

    A couple of mine would be Why did you make all the never versions of IE look like crap??

    Another question would be: "WHY DO YOU WANT PPL USING THE LATEST VERSION OF IE SO BADLY???? -- Does it secretly track what they do and report it to you??"

    Might be very possible!!

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    Re: Your questions about Internet Explorer

    First of all i don't use IE at all. It is the worst browser that i have come across anyways i suppose IE 9 is the latest one in the market.

    So my question would be how different is IE 9 from the previous IR browsers I know there wouldnt be any difference but still

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    In my opinion IE9 is over bloated/ugly trash!!

    IE6 can be just as secure IF YOU SET IT UP RIGHT!

    I use MyIE2 for my general usage and IT accesses the IE engine i have on my computer...... (IE6)

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