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Thread: Import & Export Data

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    Import & Export Data

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new person of this forum, I have been facing a problem since last night, so i need yours help. Actually I want to use some data of different file(such as csv, txt, xls)with some filtration and then after export into another file (file can have different extension like csv,sql,xls,html etc). So I want to know; is there any tool which provides me such type of environment where I could perform this task.

    Please give your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Import & Export Data

    Whether you are importing or exporting data, you may want to learn more about Excel text converters. For more information, see "Text formats" in the Help topic, File formats that are supported in Excel and "Text file formats" in the Help topic, Excel formatting and features that are not transferred to other file formats. More information can be found here.

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    Re: Import & Export Data

    Hello AnkitSingh007,

    The best option to resolve this problem is ms-excel, because of ms-excel has been provide to export data into many format. But as you have written, you want to import or export .sql file then to do it you must have a sql environment where you could fire sql query to filtration data. There are lots of tool in the market which performs data converting task. I have used a such type of tool since last month (name is MindStick DataConverter ). Since it is free charge tool so you can easily download and used it.
    I hope it might be useful for you.
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