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Thread: How Do Computers Work

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    How Do Computers Work

    I used lots of computer and even I have laptop .but the basic thing what I want to know is how does the computer works what are the basic thing require to make computer works. is computer ,laptop and tablets are similar what is the basic idea behind all these machine? please some one explain me how does computer works exactly.???

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    Re: How Do Computers Work

    First thing is you give the input when you want to turn on the computer system. Then the system internally informs the CPU to begin up programs and to spin on the hardware devices we can say the hard disk. So as they get alert to accept or take more input or commands from the user.This entire procedure is known booting. After that when the user run a program that user want to use .for that user basically penetrate a command to begin the application or program. If any application or program that has been ongoing, it is set and waiting for the user command or instructions.

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    Re: How Do Computers Work

    actually the computers obtain all task completed with the help of arrangement of different output , input, software, and hardware,.The central processing unit also called as CPU is the part in that a large amount of process take place. Computers can only work if all the hardware devices that are organized with each other. While the part that are visible from outside are known as input device they are called input devices because they send signals or transfer the user message to the hardware to get processes. Input devices are mainly keyboard, mouse, scanner and joysticks that all are known as input devices. Output devices are the devices that manipulates the provide information to the user from the machine thay are monitor, printer etc

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    Re: How Do Computers Work

    the main thing in computer is motherboard all the pats of the computers A motherboard is connected with every part of computer and it also connect the CPU and other devices.A computer is interconnected with main memory, microprocessor , and with crucial parts associated to the mainboard. Other parts like external storage ,monitors ,speaker and peripheral devices such as printer and scanner are also attached to the motherboard through wire or cables , the very significant parts of a motherboard is microprocessor's support chip, which help in connecting the interfaces linking the CPU and the peripheral parts .

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    Re: How Do Computers Work

    Computers got considerably more processing command and as compare to mobile and tablet devices. phones are smaller as compare to computer and got the more battery life ,computer are not portable as the mobile phones are and more computer got the more memory storage voice communication is not possible in computer system as it is directly available in mobile phone. Computer is provided with many functions but in mobile phone functions are limited only few of them are available and you can add more hardware parts.

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