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Thread: Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

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    Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

    I am using debit card from citi bank from last couple of year and applying for credit card. I have come across some second generation credit which is going to launch in next month or so. I have used credit card from other bank which not at tall difficult to use but I don’t have exact idea what this second generation credit card will include and how it will be operated. So anyone having details regarding this please let me know so that if I get second generation credit card from citi bank then I can use it properly with no issue.

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    re: Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

    Me too really eager about the new “2G” smart credit cards which are going to be launched by Citibank. But I do have some information regarding it which I can provide you; the new cards will come with microchips in them and batteries that will have life of nearly four years. This will include new security methods and alternatives like several accounts on a single credit card but the size of the second generation card will be the same size and flexibility as cards we are using today. I think let now this information if sufficient as I know this much regarding the 2nd generation credit cards.

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    re: Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

    Yes you are right the card while be launched soon that will let you to choose using the tap of a button like if you want to pay using rewards cash or points or from the standard credit card account. In this the payment technology will have two buttons on the front side of the card. With the using of these buttons you can select between rewards and usual credit. The new “Dividend” card permits you to decide among making a standard Credit payment or a demand Rewards payment. If you choose appeal for Rewards then the payment will be withdraw from your Citi cash rewards balance. So I think this will be new resolution in the field of banking and will provide with more security and advance payment options for smooth banking.

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    re: Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

    I think all the mentioned information is quite enough to know about what will be offer by the second generation of credit card. Me too waiting for it as i am having two accounts with different banks and five to ten credit cards from other banks. I really feel useless to carry this many cards with me, after 2G credit card using which you will be able to operator or purchase from two to three accounts from single card. It will provide will greater security and functionality, so looking for it that will decrease my headache of carrying so many cards.

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    re: Second Generation of Credit Cards from citi Bank

    Yes you heard it right the card is in the testing phase and it has been tested with citi bank employees and i think they have got great response. I think this will be remarkable achievement by citi bank if it launched and success as it will provide with lots of advance features and security so that there will be no such mishap. This card is going to provide lots of options for user in order to do banking using 2G credit card.

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