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Thread: which supplier are reliable? HONGKONG or China?

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    which supplier are reliable? HONGKONG or China?

    I searched on internet, and find many suppliers, some of them is in HONGKONG, and some in China. As far as I know hongkong is belong to China if i am not wrong.
    Some claimed that they are in hongkong, but their website name includes China, like Chinabuye, Chinavasion, ePathChina etc. I like these sites. But I really have some concern to choose China supplier or Hongkong supplier, please advise if you know it. thank you!

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    Re: which supplier are reliable? HONGKONG or China?

    As per my knowledge this is completely dependent of the things you needed. First let me know what kind of supplier you are looking for. If you are looking for the electronic items then it is possible to get the best in the China as compared to the Hongkong. And when comes to the shopping no one can go beyond the Hongkong. So choose the supplier as per your need from Hongkong and China.

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    Re: which supplier are reliable? HONGKONG or China?

    @Kajol HongKong is not a part of China anymore...
    If the suppliers are same then I guess Chinese or HongKong label won't make much difference..
    The only reason they put HongKong logo is cuz buyers get a better feeling about their quality.

    BTW, have you ever bought anything from these sites, I went to Chinabuye and really wanted to buy one of the gadgets, if you could tell me is it safe to buy?

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