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Thread: How to Buy Movie Tickets by using your Credit Card via Vodafone

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    How to Buy Movie Tickets by using your Credit Card via Vodafone

    Buy movie tickets

    Step-by-step procedure:
    Step 1: Call 53333 (toll free)
    Step 2: Select '3' for movie ticketing
    Step 3: Press '1' and confirm your location.
    Step 4: Choose the movie, the multiplex, ticket class and number of tickets
    Step 5: Once done, pay the amount read out by the IVR and select a payment option (credit card)
    Step 6: Enter your credit card details
    Step 7: After the transaction has been completed, you'll hear a confirmation message, while you are on the call.
    You will also receive an SMS confirming your payment and another SMS with a booking reference number, which you will need to show to collect your tickets from the counter

    By M-Shop application

    • Log into the M-Shop application
    • Select the Movie tickets menu option
    • Select the City you are from. Sub region will be required for Mumbai or Delhi NCR customers only.
    • Select the movie, date of booking, name of the theater, show timing, class of ticket & number of tickets.
    • Select the row & number of seats
    • You will be shown a visual of the theater displaying the seats chosen
    • Confirm your details
    • Enter your MPIN if you are a registered user
    • After accepting the Terms and Conditions, enter your name & credit card details.
    • On successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message with all relevant details like Book My Show booking ID, Show date/time/movie name/ etc

    You will also receive an SMS confirming your payment and another SMS with a booking reference number, which you will need to show to collect your tickets from the counter

    From 16th march onwards normal convenience fees would be charged on all movie ticketing done on M-Shop.


    1. What is Book My Show? What services do they provide?
    Book My Show is India’s leading movie ticketing service which offers tickets for Movies, Plays, Sports and other events across many cities all over India. lets you book movie tickets in your favorite theatre in the simplest, easiest and the smartest way

    2. Which cities & multiplexes is Book My Show tied up with?
    List of cities that BMS is active in is available on - List of theatres is available at - Circles where Book My Shows Movie services will not be currently available are a. Bihar
    b. Himachal Pradesh
    c. Kerala
    d. Jammu & Kashmir
    e. North East
    f. Orissa

    3. What is the Book My Show helpline number?
    Customers can call on 022 39895050 or email

    4. What happens in case customer buys a higher amount of tickets by mistake? Is there a refund process by Book My Show?
    No. As per government regulations, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It cannot be replaced or cancelled.

    5. What happens in a case, where a customer has made a payment but does not receive the SMS confirmation or deletes it by mistake?
    Customer can call Vodafone Customer Care on 111 & we can resend the SMS to him after confirming his mobile number. Alternatively, customers can call BMS on 39895050 and give them his mobile number and the SMS confirmation can be resent to him.

    6. What are the maximum and minimum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single transaction?
    Minimum 1 & maximum 9

    7. Can I purchase 9 tickets in 1 transaction & then purchase another 9 in a second transaction on the same day?

    8. How do I collect my ticket for the movie? Do I need to carry any ID or credit card proof?
    You can visit the theatre at any time before the show and collect your tickets from the ticket booking office. Please note that you will be required to show the credit card/ copy of the credit card used along with the confirmation SMS/Email printout and sign on the acknowledgement slip while collecting the tickets.

    9. What is the payment posting TAT at Book My Show?
    Payment once successful is posted immediately at Book My Show

    10. Is there any limit on the cumulative number of movie tickets I can purchase in a month?
    Is there any limit on the number of movie tickets I can buy from my mobile number in a month? Is there any limit on the number of movie ticket payments I can make from one credit card in a month?

    There are certain risk management rules that are applied by Book My Show, they are as follows
    Movies and plays -
    Max 3 transactions allowed /day/ card
    Max transaction amount of Rs 4000 allowed/day/card
    Max 10 transactions allowed /week/ card
    Max transaction value of Rs 10000 allowed/week/card

    11. How many days in advance can I book tickets for?
    Booking can be done on Bookmyshow once the theatre opens the bookings

    12. Suppose I want tickets for another movie/ theatre which is not being played on Book My Show, is there a option to check for more movies/ theatres?
    All available movies & theatres available with Book My Show will be played on the IVR for the customer to choose from.

    13. What does convenience charge mean? What is the convenience charge each time I buy movie tickets? Are these charges applicable even if I book my tickets directly from Book My Show?
    Convenience charge is levied for the facility offered by the way of online/phone bookings. BookMyShow charges a convenience fee of Rs 5 to Rs 25 (depending on the ticket price) per ticket and service tax on the convenience fee w.e.f. July 1, 2009. Plus any government taxes if applicable.

    14. Can I also book tickets for plays & other events through BookMyShow on Vodafone M-Shop?
    Currently only movie ticket booking option is available.

    15. Will I be able to book tickets for English, Hindi & regional language movies?
    Yes, all movies available on Book My Show can be booked.
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    Re: How to Buy Movie Tickets by using your Credit Card via Vodafone

    Wow!!! It must have required lots of time, energy and patience to type down such a big thread. Though i must say, it is a very useful one. Specially for newbies who are not familiar with this topic. Thanks for sharing the information on how we can buy any movie ticket online by using our credit/debit card. The FAQ section which you mentioned in your post is what i liked the most. By doing so you made sure that you provide the user with solution for the usual questions which come across any laymen users mind.

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