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Thread: How to use BONDO

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    How to use BONDO

    I have a car which is so early and I need save my money to recover .It has so much scratch on this but it is starting to look a little rough around the edges. It could be having problems with dents, rust and scratches.

    How would I solve this with own please suggest me to do it.

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    How to use BONDO

    hello friend !

    If your car has been very old then you need to choose the perfect hardware to recover the damages with it.You can recover your car as a new if you know how to do it.

    You need to remove the scratches and rust from your car then you need to use the chemical suggested by mechanic and remove the rust and complex scratches from the car.


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    How to use BONDO

    One of the method through which you can remove all the bugs detected by your car named Bondo Body.It is the Filler which is used commonly in auto body work.

    It is a body filler that fills in dents or bugs and scratches on your. It is helpful to sculpt a curved area and as well as over areas where welding has happens and leveling flush with the adjoining surface is needed.

    There are different variation products are coming with this,you have to choose one of them to achieve whatever you wanted to do.

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    what is BONDO

    Bondo is a two-part putty(specifies the local construction and repair as a sealant or filler)produced by 3M.

    The term "Bondo" is used as a registration trademark by the product company.This is commonly used in the U.S. as a generic trademark to refer to entire social auto-repair putties or plastic body fillers.

    Bondo is a polyester resin stuff which is mixed with an organic peroxide or catalyst and get converted into a putty which then used on the parts of auto or car and becomes hard. The user can apply the mixed Bondo sand this to the appropriate shape and paint which looks like the material around it.

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    How to use BONDO

    There are some specific steps to use this product.According to the above described post,you are aware of the basic mixtures and functionality of the BONDO,You can use this as specifies below -

    1- Sand the area in and around the dent.
    2- Clean the surface with alcohol.
    3- Mix the putty and catalyst.
    4- Apply the putty with a spreader.
    5- Wait until it becomes harder and then sand it smooth.

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    Formulation of BONDO

    The normal formulation for a fine, lightweight body filler with smooth finishing would be as follows -

    1- hard orthophthalic resin - 30 segments according to weight
    2- flexible acrylic resin - 10 segments according to weight
    3- Titanium dioxide - 5 segments according to weight
    4- styrene monomer - 5 segments according to weight
    5- talc powder 300 - 325 mesh - 40 segments according to weight
    6- fumed silica - 5 segments according to weight
    7- hollow glass microspheres - 5 segments according to weight

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    Re: How to use BONDO

    There are many solutions available on the internet, you can try one of them for your problem, you are looking for. Since the world has been changed into the global village I can say now we have the more chances in this global village to go for the information we are looking for.

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