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Thread: Social Networking

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    question Social Networking

    Views & comments on how the Social Networking such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MySpace & etc... plays an important role in our daily lives.

    ~ All are welcome... Thanks lots...!!! ~

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    Re: Social Networking

    Social networking refers to the social structure of online individuals. This are interdependent on each other. The term can be used for friendship, financial work, relationship, beliefs, knowledge, etc. This are now became a part of day to day lifestyle. People likes to interact more on online and share their view. This too secure their privacy and provides good outlook.

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    Re: Social Networking

    Enjoy? Social Networking means nothing to me.
    All I do is work ;D

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    idea Re: Social Networking

    How about your views & comments on online chatting. Do you all use it often...? Wat do you normally use...? Thanks all...!!! ~cheers~

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    Social networks is very useful.

    How abt online chatting? What do u normally use?

    I am using MSN and Skype. What about you?

    Hmmm... Media Ring...?
    How to download Media Ring? Any links & is the download free...?

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    Re: Social Networking

    For me, I think that Facebook have been great. I use it for both personal and business matters. I am also using LinkedIn to connect to professionals in all industries.

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    Re: Social Networking

    I heard of Hi but I have never use it before. Recently I am using Media Ring Talk. It's free and pretty good. You can use it to dial a fixed telephone line or mobile phone no. of 8 major countries and best of all it offers free unlimited talk time.

    I will try Hi out when I am free.

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    Re: Social Networking

    I really love social networking sites. I've found that social networking helps to reunite people. I found so many childhood friends through pen pal websites and such, plus it's also possible to find and communicate with family members who you've never met. It is help to live your life happily.

    Good day.
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