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Thread: Can't approve my comments on myspace

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    Can't approve my comments on myspace

    Hello friends,

    I have a problem here which is about approving my comments.I click on comment approvals but than i don't see any comments.I asked a pal to give me some comments to see if it would do it again and i really don't get my comments, it doesn't that issue with Myspace?

    any thoughts?

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    Re: Can't approve my comments on myspace

    Oh it sounds like you are having some problems with your comment/photo comment approvals. If you are getting home page/email notifications of comment approvals but not seeing any to approve in your in box, don't frustrate.Some body is trying to fix it.

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    Re: Can't approve my comments on myspace

    Hi, here am.I am not going to entirely rule that out as a possibility, anyway feels like a script reading error, depending on the browser you are working there may be some tweaking that wants to be done to its settings to accomplish specific actions, to me it just sounds like and error in your browser, have you attempted on any other computers either using the same browser as your home computer

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    Re: Can't approve my comments on myspace

    I had this problem before but seriously don't know if it's a Myspace or browser trouble but this just worked out for me:
    *right click reply to comment link.
    * Open in new window or new tab.
    * add comment window pops up now put the comments.
    Hope this helps

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