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Thread: How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

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    How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

    I am residing in Mumbai, India. While traveling i have seen many shopkeepers selling Electronic Mosquito Racket that is designed to kills Mosquitoes. It sounds good but is it safe to use it ? How to kill Mosquitoes with those electronic Racket ?

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    Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with rachet

    These Racket looks like tennis racket that zaps Mosquitoes or pests. They are rechargeable, can be circularly charged for more than 600 times. To use it you just need to press the switch on the handle and a live electric current flows through the inner mesh.Then wave around the gadget, and the insects and mosquitoes will be trapped in the wire network and can not escape.The time that a mosquito, an insect or a fly touching it, gets an electric shock and gets zapped. Keep rolling it around and get hold of undetected insects and pests.

    Thats it. And off course it is safe ...

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    Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

    Well all I can say that I have used those rachets to kill mosquito's 7 to my surprise i Lost 5 Kg weight in just a month. & I must say its a great & cheap weight loss program.

    If you have weight problem 7 a lot of mosquito's at your place then go ahead with this rachet & start killing those blood suckers.

    It will keep you fit & fine & away from Those mosquito's. All the best for your healthy Life.!
    IF YOU CAN'T Convince THEM ...


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    Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with rachet

    The main disadvantage of that electronic racket is that you cannot use it while sleeping. I want electronic MACHHARDANI........... Mosquitoes sucks..........your blood........

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    ohmy Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

    Just stayed in Mumbai for 4 months. I was very thankful for the electronic mosquito racket ... and made a sport of it as it was a "full time job" ... mosquito repellant didn't work for me! I would also recommend a mosquito net and/or screens. The screens can be secured to a window with velcro for about RS 500.

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    Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

    I never tried these rackets, but last night I was kissed by some female mosquito due to which when I wake up in the morning I was feeling chill and fever, and till now I am feeling fever.

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    I think you should hire someone who'll smash the mosquitoes that would disturb your sleeping...

    try to catch them with ur hands - it is ecological method

    It actually works. It reduced to a large extent my mosquito problem. Plus its not harmful like using chemicals

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    Re: How to kill Mosquitoes with Racket

    I have used it at my home! Even though it looks like a badminton racquet but that cabling area is actually an electric wired grid which can be turned on by pressing the button on the handle and is operated with batteries. And I think it is absolutely safe for people.

    Good day.

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