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Thread: Cost of honda city

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    Cost of honda city

    I want to know what is the latest model of Honda city available in market and do we have a diesel version available. What is the performance of new Honda City . what will be the cost of the New honda city Thanks for the reply .

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    Re: Cost of honda city

    Here is a small Overview Of New Honda city


    The Honda City is engineered at its best. The new 1.5 L i-VTEC engine delivers 118PS, while being extremely fuel efficient. The 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift keeps the control in your hands for a smooth and exciting drive. The Honda City is E10 ready.Stress-free acceleration and swift response to throttle inputs assure comfortable starts and passing ability on the highway.The joy of driving that only Honda can provide and the New City‘s superior riding comfort certainly will satisfy the requirements for next-generation quality.

    The Honda City is longer, wider and sturdier. It measures 4420 mm in length (5 mm longer than its predecessor if license plate is excluded) and 1695 mm in width (5 mm wider) While maintaining the same ground clearance and same head clearance, the height has been lowered by 15 mm to 1470 mm delivering a sleeker and sturdier body shape which gives the City a refined driving position. With its wheelbase extended by an additional 100 mm, efficient use of space has been made for both driver and occupants to create a spacious cabin interior.

    The Honda City comes with a dynamic style which is truly path-breaking. The Arrow Shot Form, responsible for the refined aero dynamics of the car amplifies its presence wherever it goes.The front face of the car running from the grill to the headlight creates a bold and distinctive look.

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    Honda City Price in India

    New Honda City Price in India

    New Honda City Price in Delhi

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.770,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.820,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.890,000

    New Honda City Price in Mumbai

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.815,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.868,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.942,000

    New Honda City Price in Chennai

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.790,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.840,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.910,000

    New Honda City Price in Kolkata

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.786,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.836,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.906,000

    New Honda City Price in Bangalore

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.788,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.838,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.908,000

    New Honda City Price in Hyderabad

    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.787,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.837,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.907,000

    New Honda City Price in Pune
    • City 1.5 E MT: Rs.796,000
    • City 1.5 S MT: Rs.846,000
    • City 1.5 S AT: Rs.916,000

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    Re: Cost of honda city

    There is a Honda City Diesel available coming soon for Rs 850,000, Average(Kmpl) City 14.0 : Highway 16.0.

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