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    Numarks DJ computer

    What do you enjoy about being a DJ? Is it the hours of moving heavy racks and cases, running cables, and testing levels, or actually playing the gig that makes DJing fun and exciting? HDMIX gives you everything you need to DJ anywhere. Just add a pair of powered speakers or patch into the house PA, and HDMIX puts everything at your fingertips in a single, rugged console.

    Built around Numark's expertise in designing and manufacturing the world's best DJ mixers, HDMIX has all of the features a professional DJ needs to command their entire performances. But HDMIX isn't simply a DJ mixer: it's also a CD player and hard drive media player with standard controls. It's also an iPod and USB-device mixing station. It's a powerhouse performance tool that plays MP3 and other digital files from a wide variety of sources.

    HDMIX has been specifically designed for mobile DJs and club owners who need a compact, portable system that sets up and packs away at a moment's notice. HDMIX lets you load in and out in one shot. Just pack HDMIX and a pair of powered speakers and you can leave the pickup truck at home.

    If you DJ with CDs and your laptop, you're probably not checking email at the gig but you might end up hoping that the system doesn't crash while the crowd is getting into it all. Never fear. HDMIX has a dedicated operating system that doesn't have to share processing power with instant messaging, email programs or anything but straight-up DJ performance. An on-board, high-definition color LCD screen lets you focus on the music and helps keep you in full control of the dance floor.

    Two mic, two phono, and three line inputs, as well as balanced XLR and RCA zone outs enable you to connect anything you need to HDMIX. HDMIX is built in a rugged, heavy-duty steel housing that's made for the real-world rigors of DJ life.

    HDMIX centralizes your music into a Numark DJ mixer. With its all-in-one design, HDMIX is perfect for working with CD, MP3, WAV, and AAC files.

    Numark's exclusive Crate function lets you work with music files the same way you work with records or CDs. You can prepare and arrange your set in advance, during your performance, or enjoy a mixture of both for your personal definition or control. The Crate empowers you to quickly find, organize, and perform tracks. Got a request for Bust a Move? Type in "BU" on the included keyboard, and the song pops up immediately. Stop leafing through books of CDs and get the track you want fast.

    HDMIX features a user-upgradeable and replaceable internal hard drive and an internal CD/DVD drive that plays CD, MP3-CDs, and MP3-DVDs, and it even allows you to field-rip music from a disc into the hard drive. Plug-and-play USB ports let you connect iPods, thumb drives, and external Mac or PC hard drives so you can mix in any track from any source anytime.

    HDMIX is the way to DJ the way you want. Flashy sports car not included.

    Key Features
    • Professional DJ mixer with CD and expandable playback options
    • CD player plays CDs, MP3-CDs, and MP3-DVDs
    • 80GB hard drive is replaceable and upgradable up to 1TB
    • High-definition color LCD screen
    • Three input channels, each with with EQ and gain
    • Two USB ports for connecting iPods, thumb drives, and hard drives
    • Two mic, three line, and two phono inputs
    • XLR master and RCA zone outputs;1/8" and 1/4" Headphone outputs
    • Scratch with MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) files
    • Massively-wide pitch control -100% – +25%
    • Key Lock lets you independently shift tempo and pitch
    • Jog wheels for seamless looping, pitch control, and scratching
    • Text search, letter-pick scrolling, and on-board playlist creation
    • Track search by artist, album, song, genre, and BPM
    • Create custom playlists while performing
    • Keyboard included for fast searching
    • Beatkeeper™ technology for auto-syncing loops and samples; TAP override
    • Transfer tracks between HDMIX and your Mac or PC via USB

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    Re: Numarks DJ computer

    For some time I’ve been using a laptop for playing back sequences and sounds. It was bad because XP is really not good for that kind of stuff. I decided to get an Akai MPC when the laptop crashed on an important show. I could be happy about a hardware sampler, but it is really hard to use compared to a laptop.

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