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Thread: Music Creation Tool Concept

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    Music Creation Tool Concept

    We all know that creating music can be done by anyone, but the talent pool shrinks when it comes to conjuring good music. Well, why not make music creation more accessible with this conceptual music creation tool? It relies on friction-sensitive sensors located on the glove’s fingertips, where users will then tap out a rhythm and beat as the recorder on the back of the hand will transmit these tunes wirelessly to your ears, all the time saving it up in its flash memory for editing later on. Designed by Petr Hampl, this would be great for folks who love drumming their fingers whenever they're idle or talking over the phone.

    ( ubergizmo )

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    Re: Music Creation Tool Concept

    Using friction-sensitive sensors on the glove’s fingertips, users tap out a rhythm and beat while the recorder on the back of the hand sends it wirelessly to your ears and saves it all for later editing.

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    Re: Music Creation Tool Concept

    There’s nothing quite like using preexisting habits of behavior to define user interface issues; a really smart idea from Designer Petr Hampl.

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